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focus on objectives right here in silicon slopes

Bring your team to the heart of Silicon Valley.  This 10 Bedroom estate has a dedicated offices for 2 and several sunny seating areas indoor and out for team meetups, breakout sessions, and more.  Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Utah mountains, Mountainside Orchard invites you to experience the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. Our sprawling 10,000 square-foot estate boasts 10 beautifully appointed bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate up to 30 guests, making it the ideal destination for couples, individuals, and groups seeking an unforgettable ski vacation.

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epic inspirations

Enjoy the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation by utilizing our recreational amenities, including the 17′ swim spa and the outdoor spaces ideal for team-building exercises or leisurely gatherings.

relax & enjoy

The expansive indoor areas, including the loft overlooking the scenic beauty of the double pickleball courts and mountain vistas, provide a serene ambiance for focused discussions or relaxed networking opportunities.Whether you hit to silicon slopes or set up your meetings on site, you are sure to enjoy the surroundings and tranquility of the orchard estate.

elevated surroundings

Whether it’s a large conference or an intimate workshop, the Orchard Estate sets the stage for unforgettable corporate events in a setting that combines natural beauty with modern amenities with abundant shopping and restaurants offering catering services.

Special Offers
Executive Retreat Package
Entire Estate for Corp. Gathering
Dedicated Concierge
Executive Private Office
Catering Breakfasts or Lunch
Swim Spa, Double Pickleball Courts, Courts
Expansive Orchard and Wooded Retreat
Sleeps 30+
Business Escapade Package
Primary Estate for smaller groups
Meeting Rooms & Breakout Areas
Catering Service & Dining Options
Dedicated Concierge
Relaxation Amenities, Spa
Presentation Supplies
Sleeps 30+
Team Bonding Getaway
Cost Savings Daily Usage
Tailored Meeting & Collaboration Spaces
Buffet Style Dining & Refreshments
Recreation Options
Presentation Screens
Gigabit Internet
7:AM – 11:PM
Conference & Meetings
Team Spaces
Utah silicon slopes corporate Events
Book Your Accommodations Now!
Relax in Luxury after your day at the desk or on the slopes. Host Corporate Events in Style.
Unite in Utah for Team Building and Epic Skiing
  20 Person Spa, Pickleball, View Decks

Salt Lake City, Utah Downtown

Salt Lake City epitomizes an extraordinary harmony, where the majestic peaks of the Wasatch Mountains embrace a vibrant urban landscape. It’s a city that echoes with the whispers of history, boasts a thriving cultural scene, and invites adventurers to traverse its scenic outdoors.